What To Do During A Gap Year

What is a gap year, why you should take one, and what to do during your gap year pre or post-college


October 20, 2022

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For many people, taking a gap year is the perfect opportunity to travel the world and see new places before starting school or entering the “real world.” If you’re thinking of spending your gap year traveling, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you have a great experience. Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to make the most of your time off or hoping for practical tips on how to plan your gap year, keep reading. We’ve compiled plenty of gap year ideas that are sure to get you excited about your future travels!

what is a gap year

What Is A Gap Year?

Why Take A Gap Year?

There are plenty of reasons why taking a gap year might be the right choice for you. Maybe you’re not sure what you want to study in college and you’re hoping a year of travel will help you figure it out. Or, maybe you’re looking for a break after years of school and want to explore the world before starting your career.

Whatever your reasons might be, there are plenty of benefits that come along with spending a gap year traveling.

pros and cons of taking a gap year
Pros And Cons Of Taking A Gap Year

For one, traveling can help improve your mental health. Studies have shown that taking a break from your everyday life can help reduce stress, improve your sense of well-being, and increase creativity.

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What To Do In A Gap Year

Now that we’ve gone over some of the pros and cons of taking a gap year, it’s time to start thinking about what you might want to do with your time off. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, we’ve compiled a list of creative ideas for the intrepid, independent traveler. Whether you’re looking to travel, work, or volunteer, there’s certainly something for everyone.

gap year language immersion
Language Immersion

One great way to spend your gap year is by immersion language learning, i.e. immersing yourself in a new culture and learning a new language. This can be an especially valuable experience if you plan on working or traveling abroad in the future. There are many different ways to go about language immersion, but one of the most popular is to simply live in a foreign country and surround yourself with locals. By doing this, you’ll not only learn the ins and outs of the language but also get a first-hand look at the culture and way of life.

Want to take your language learning even further? Look for language lessons or enroll in a school and take a few classes. This will help you build a foundation in the language, and give you the confidence you need to start communicating with locals.

gap year volunteering
gap year work experience
Work Experience

If you’re looking to gain some work experience, then a gap year is the perfect time to do it. Whether you want to save up some money or simply learn more about a certain industry, working during your gap year can be a great way to achieve your goals.

One option is to take on a short-term or part-time job in an industry that you’re interested in. This can help you get your foot in the door, and learn more about what it’s like to work in that particular field. Another option is to look for internships or apprenticeships. These are often longer-term positions, but they can provide you with valuable experience and knowledge about a certain profession.

gap year work exchange program
Work Exchange Programs

What’s the difference between work exchange and volunteering? Work exchange is where you trade your time and skills for accommodation and/or food. So, essentially, you’re working in exchange for a place to stay. This can be a great option if you’re looking to travel on a budget.

There are work exchange programs available all over the world, in a variety of different industries. Whether you’re interested in working on a farm, in a hostel, or even at a ski resort, there’s sure to be a work exchange program that’s perfect for you.

gap year au pair europe
Become An Au Pair

What is an au pair? An au pair is a live-in nanny, who typically comes from another country. Au pairs usually live with their host family for 6 to 12 months and provide childcare services in exchange for room, board, and a small stipend.

If you’re interested in becoming an au pair, there are a few things you should know from the get-go. First, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old (21 in some countries). You’ll also need to have a valid passport, and be able to speak conversational English (or the language of the country you’re going to).

gap year independent travel
Independent Travel
online gap year
Online Gap Year
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